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Orthopedic Associates, S.C.

Physical Therapy

At Orthopedic Associates, S.C. we recognize that teamwork among the physicians, patient, and physical therapist is fundamental in ensuring successful rehabilitation. Our on-site physical therapy department affords our patients prompt access and allows direct communication between our doctors and physical therapists.

Our skilled physical therapists use manual therapy techniques, functional exercise, and other techniques to speed recovery after surgery or unjury. Our therapists will spend time with you, one on one, to develop the appropriate plan to assure a successul outcome. Whether you are looking to return to sport, exercise, work, or activities of daily living, we will individualize your treatment plan so that you can achieve your goals.

Common conditions we treat include but are not limited to:

* Sports Injuries
* Total Joint Replacements
* Work Related Injuries
* Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Injuries/Surgeries
* Knee Injuries/Surgeries
* Ankle Injuries/Surgeries
* Tendonitis
* Plantar Fascitis
* Back and Neck Injuries/Pain
* Bursitis
* Sprains and Strains
* Gait and Balance Disorders
* Nerve Injuries/Disorders
* Parkinson's Disease Related Gait Abnormalities
* Exercise based Pilates/Yoga/Tai Chi Programs